Nail Hoops

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A sterling silver nail curves around your ear lobe to make this surprising hoop shape. Made identifiable by the holding texture near the head which doubles as a charm holder, stopping anything from sliding off the back.

Originally fabricated, assembled and textured by hand, a mold was made and it is cast for easy reproduction.

Wit or witout? These earrings were made with charms in mind, specifically this juicy carnelian and gummy peridot. If you purchase the earrings WIT you get a pretty nice discount on the charms. Just saying (;

The nail hoops are part of the building materials collection which investigates conventional building tools and materials, as they come up in my own life, and the way we literally and figuratively use them to build our environment and our lives within it. I am interested in the process of critical building as it is related to my definition of practical optimism.

The orbital settings holding the gems are my own design. Their origins lie very closely to the building materials collection. Instead of using literal representation to talk about building materials, these settings are stripped down to only the bare materials and parts of a setting.

This piece is made to order, please allow 4-6 weeks for processing and production time prior to shipment. I appreciate your patience while I work to bring you a quality piece of jewelry meant to last you a lifetime.